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Rested Edge Advisory


Rested Edge Advisory celebrates its 4th anniversary with a brand new website. Please visit the new website here! http://peterong.wix.com/rested-edge-advisory

Rested Edge Advisory is a business advisory with a twist. The mission of Rested Edge Advisory is to "Help Leaders Create Better Futures".

Intentionally created by Peter Ong on 12.01.2010 to break out of his personal “comfort zone” of being highly successful and accomplished in three high pressured, path-breaking companies (Prime Minister’s Office, Accenture and Gallup), Rested Edge Advisory will employ the very best of learning, experiences, points-of-view (POVs) and philosophies which Peter has hitherto accumulated, and which he keeps formulating, reflecting and improving.

Rested Edge Advisory is about “Rest” and “Edge”. It seeks clients who share its vision and philosophy. “Rested” --- always in a relaxed, peaceful state of mind, but having deep reserves of energy and insight, ready to pounce, perform, influence, impress, impact, at anytime. “Edge” --- never comfortable with status quo, never in “maintenance mode”, always thinking of newer, better, cleverer ways to provide that point-of-view, to teach, influence and impact leaders, managers and their organisations, to make positive contributions to Nation and Society, to see things differently, to get things done. Path-breaking, “seeing beyond corners twice”, always with an incisive, effective cutting edge.

Simplicity. Mastery. Impact.


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